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Willow Park Homes has a complete line of rest and recreational amenities for families and residents of all ages to enjoy. 

The main amenities include a multi-purpose clubhouse where families, guests and neighbors can rest, wait and hang out. There is a swimming pool—a must-have given the country’s year-round tropical weather—a picnic grove and play areas for kids of all ages. There is also a shower area, a pool deck, a gazebo and a cabana. For residents who enjoy outdoor sports, there is also a basketball court. 

To add to the aesthetic value of the community, the roads are paved in concrete and there are no distracting electricity and water lines. The water tank is elevated and there is an underground cistern and a septic tank for each unit. 

To ensure the safety and security of residents and to track incoming and outgoing guests, there is an entrance gate with a guard house and 24-hour roving security guards. A perimeter fence surrounds the community.

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